Artcirq Annual general meeting and elections in Igloolik: welcoming a new generation of young and motivated Inuit!

November 1, 2019

Gisle and Guillaume travelled to Igloolik to give a little energy boost at the Black Box, and share as much acrobatic techniques as possible with the youth. This trip was an opportunity to connect with the up and coming Artcirq generations involved in regular activities at the Black Box. Alex Arnatsiaq and his “ mini Artcirq” cast rehearsed for a High School project that will eventually be adapted to the big stage... Takanaalluk!
5 of those young participants will be picked to represent Igloolik in a major national social circus gathering in january 2020 in Ottawa and Montreal.

November 2019 also marked a new partnership with Les Fonds Hamelys, who will contribute to Artcirq developpments for the next 5 years!