Ashley Akittirq
Ashley has been training with Artcirq as a participant since she was 13 and now teaches regularly at the Blackbox and has performed with Artcirq in Igloolik and around Canada. She is a new mom, an adept flyer and aerialist, and is learning keyboards. 

Daisy Irqqarqsaq
Daisy joined Artcirq in 2005 and has been involved whole heartedly ever since. She loves to be part of Artcirq’s projects and travel the world as a contortion, whip, juggling, and throat singing artist. She’s involved in Artcirq’s youth programming and leads Artcirq’s administrative work in Igloolik. Quiet, but very friendly, she is a proud mother of 3 children, and the loving wife of Jimmy Qamukaq.

Damien Tulugarjuk
Gold medalist at the Arctic Winter Games for the one foot high kick, Damien is one of Igloolik’s most gifted athletes. He joined Artcirq in 2009 and rapidly became a highly capable acrobat, touring with the collective to France and throughout Canada. Damien was selected by Qaggiavuut to take part in a performing arts summit in Iqaluit in early 2016 and has since been leading Artcirq’s circus workshops and collaborated with Qaggiavuut in other communities of Nunavut.

Edith Auksaq
Edith has been part of Artcirq’s Blackbox program since 2016 and is now a coordinator, teacher, artist, and mother. She helps to run Artcirq’s out on the land and sewing programs and is a talented acrobatic base and juggler.

Gisle Henriet
Gisle Henriet is a multidisciplinary circus artist from Uppsala, Sweden. He graduated from the Circus Cirkör circus school in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 and from the National Circus School in Montreal, Canada in 2007.  Gisle has worked with companies such as les 7 Doigts de la Main, Norwegian National Theatre, and Cirque du Soleil, as well as performed on the streets in buskers festivals and in events such as the Royal Variety Show and the 2006 Winter Olympic closing ceremony. He now regularly works with Artcirq as well as Tupiq A.C.T. and is also the Co-Artistic Director of the Montreal based circus company Throw 2 Catch.

Guillaume Saladin
Born into a family of anthropologists, Guillaume grew up partly in Igloolik up until the age of 15. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology & Communication at UQAM in 1998, he helps start Artcirq while attending the National Circus School in Montreal. In 2001, Guillaume joined Cirque Éloize as an acrobat and performer for the 4 year tour of the show Nomade, directed by the well-known Daniele Finzi Pasca. Since 2005, Guillaume has dedicated his passion and career to collaboratively leading Artcirq in Igloolik with the goal to improve opportunities for youth in Canada’s Arctic.

Jacky Qrunnut
Jacky joined Artcirq in 2004 as a technician.  Soon after, his talents in clown were revealed and he began training as a performer. He has traveled with the troup, from Timbuktu to Greece, Guinea, Mexico and France. Back in Igloolik, he is a full time father and coordinator of Artcirq’s Black Box programming.

Jenny Attagutsiak
Jenny joined Artcirq in 2007 and has trained in contortion and hand-to-hand. She is the loving mother of Brianna and Wesley who have joined her on stage numerous times in a beautiful family centered hand-to-hand act. Artcirq holds a dear place in Jenny’s heart as she continues to take part in Artcirq’s performances.

Jimmy Qamukaq
Jimmy is a gifted athlete who competed throughout his teens in the Inuit Games division of One-Legged High Kick. Joining Artcirq in 2004, he trained to become a highly talented acrobat, flyer and clown. He has travelled to 4 different continents with the group and continues to lead workshops at Artcirq’s Black Box space. For Jimmy, Artcirq is a way through which he can share his experiences, be part of a group, and focus on the positive nature of life.

Levy Tapatsiaq
Levy Tapatsiak is a talented Inuit games athlete, acrobat, and actor and the star of Artcirq’s latest touring production Unikkaaqtuat. He is an advocate for making Blackbox a welcoming environment for the youth of Igloolik and supporting everyone to do their best together.

Nikita Ungalaq
Nikita joined Artcirq in 2005 at the young age of 12. She trained on a regular basis and has since become an agile flyer and contortionist. She graduated from high school in 2014, and has studied for a diploma in administration with Artic College. Today she is an active member of Artcirq performing, leading workshops at the Black Box, and coordinating cultural projects.


Maya Cook
Maya grew up in the Pacific Northwest on Coast Salish Territory and hails from Mennonite-Anglo-Celtic ancestry. She is a musician and aerialist and graduated from Quest University with a major in performance studies in 2019. She travelled to Igloolik for an artistic exchange with Artcirq the same year and moved there just before the pandemic. With Artcirq Maya works as an artist, coach, administrator, and helps to coordinate out on the land and sewing projects.   

Misti Maye Kripanik
Misti Maye is Artcirq’s newest and youngest member. She has been training hard on aerial silks and straps and has become a talented aerialist and passionate teacher for her peers and the younger generation.

Reena Qulitalik
Reena had her acting debut in 2001 in the award-winning film Ataanarjuat. She joined Artcirq in 2005 filling every performance with her outstanding stage presence, physical strength, juggling, and stage presence. Her profound connection with traditional knowledge has also led her to spear-head Artcirq’s cultural projects.

Terry Uyarak
Terry is the isumataq (thinker) of the group. He joined Artcirq in 2006 as a musician, juggler, and actor. Being a passionate hunter, he has been heavily involved in Artcirq’s cultural expeditions out on the land. Today he is a youth program manager for the Culture and Heritage Department of the Governement of Nunavut.

Tylie Arnatsiaq
Tylie has been training with Artcirq’s Blackbox program since 2017 and is learning and leading by example as a Blackbox coordinator. He is dedicated to teaching all who come and making it a supportive space. He competed in Inuit games throughout high school. As an artist he specializes in hand to hand, straps, Inuit games, and is also learning Qilaujjaq. Taking care of young people has always been part of his life, at home and in the community.

Celina Kalluk
A multitalented artist from Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Celina has travelled to many parts of the world sharing her Inuit culture. Her talents in throat singing have brought her to perform for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Celina has composed and recorded several songs which can be heard on Artcirq’s music albums. She has written Sweetest Kulu published by Inhabit Media, and presently enjoys sewing traditional Inuit inspired clothing. Celina is currently living in Iqaluit Nunavut with her family and has begun an Education Degree with the Nunavut Teachers Education Program.

Annie Désilets
First involved as a project coordinator, Annie has taken on numerous different roles in the collective since 2010. She helped create the « Women’s Sharing Knowledge Traditional Summer Camp », provided logistical to Artcirq’s projects, and has even assumed the role of webmaster for some years. Currently she is completing her training at the Quebec Institute of Tourism and Hotelerie.