In Memoriam

Solomon Uyarasuk (1986-2012)

To my dear friend Solomon Tapatsiaq,

The first time I met Sol, I was going for a walk with my bow and arrows just outside the town of Igloolik. He looked like a free man, sensitive, with a strong mind and a deep look in his eyes. Not long after, he joined Artcirq, along with his brother Benjy, for the Kaugjagjuk show in the summer of 2004.

We made a promise to each other that I would move permanently to Igloolik, if he was to invest himself in Artcirq. The next year, I moved, and he devoted himself: his heart, his body, his soul and his pain, to the group.

Amongst all of us, he was the one that could create the easiest. He had a gift; he was a unique creator, poet, acrobat, musician… an Artist.

Fighting continually to live his life freely, he leaves us with strong memories to remember him by. But his departure is still a mystery for me, I can't understand this way of parting with the world.

Hope you are free now Sol.

Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin
Artcirq Co-founder


Joey Ammaq (1989-2014)


I first met you in 2004 when you joined the Kaugjagjuk show as a dancer. I enjoyed discovering who you were and your energy was part of my decision to move to Igloolik the following year and further develop Artcirq.

Your gentle strength was contagious and the foundation of your hand to hand act with your love, Jenny, and later, with Brianna and Wesley. With your little family, you touched so many hearts all over the planet.

You became a close friend, and we dreamt together of a place in Igloolik where we could perform, gather, train, and express ourselves through music and the arts. Together we created the Black Box, and I still remember the day we said: “One day we will be gone but the Black Box will still be here”… It is happening my friend. Your energy is still around us, your face is printed in our hearts… I still can’t believe you are in the sky. Johoho, we’ve been through so many adventures, blizzards, storms, clear sky, and endless days. I am proud to have known you as a close friend. You remind us that life is fragile and we need to work on our dreams right now.

Wherever you are, I hope you are not too lazy, and that you are making people feel good as you did down here!

Love you my friend.

Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin
Artcirq Co-founder