UNIKKAAQTUAT | ᐅᓂᒃᑳ ᖅ ᑐᐊᑦ

Inuit founding myths are the inspiration for Unikkaaqtuat, a cross-cultural blending of theatre, circus arts, music, and video.
The actors, musicians, and acrobats of Unikkaaqtuat perform in a world of shadows and video projections, transporting us to an ancient realm where life did not known death, days had not seen nights.

Set to highlight the talent of Inuit artists on a national and international platform, and foster a unique environment for cross-cultural collaboration to flourish within and beyond the project.
The show is designed to travel the world, as well as on a smaller scale to reach northern communities.
Shaped by a culturally diversified cast of 11 performers, musicians, and similarly distinct designers and technicians, the show combines storytelling, acrobatics, music, and video in a ground-breaking 90 minute performance.
The video content of Unikkaaqtuat will be created by Inuit illustrator Germaine Arnaktauyok and directed by Neil Christopher. Their vast repertoire and knowledge of work centering on Inuit myths guides the core of this project in harmony and respect of Inuit oral traditions.