Our Story

May 25, 2018 to June 7, 2018
Vanessa Kneale and Myriam Sutton led mask and physical theatre workshops at the Black Box with the help of Jimmy, Alex, Damien, and Levy, Artcirq’s coordinators. The comedic talent in youth was outrageous and had everyone in stiches throughout the workshops!
March 28, 2018 to April 12, 2018
Jérémie Robert and Gisle Henriet were back in Igloolik leading circus workshops at the Black Box. Together with youth and Artcirq coordinators they created a collaborative circus performance entitled Igloogeek which rocked the socks off the entire community.
February 1, 2018
Known to be one of Igloolik’s best and most friendly wrestler, Alex Arnatsiaq has joined the ranks of Artcirq’s coordinators at the Black Box to share his unparalleled initiative and heart-warming smile!
January 29, 2018 to February 11, 2018
Guillaume Saladin and Gisle Henriet helped Artcirq’s coordinators to keep the creative and athletic fire going at the Black Box during Igloolik’s coldest months. Their energy is unmistakable!  
December 14, 2017 to March 29, 2018
Glenda Kripanik led a Parka Making project for the first time with the support of Artcirq. Along with the help of the elder Elizabeth Awa, Glenda’s project instructed 10 women from Igloolik how to make a Parka from scratch. The results are beautiful!
December 8, 2017 to April 17, 2018
Derek Aqquiaruq and his band mates the Hazers coordinated a brand-new outreach project, Music for the Soul. They performed at Igloolik’s Continuing Care Centre sharing their passion for music and connecting with residents. 
October 9, 2017 to November 19, 2017
The second edition of Reena Qulitalik’s Amauti Making Workshops was led with the help of elders Jessica Ikummaq and Louisa Kissigak.  Nine youth mothers completed a well needed Amauti over the course of the project.
October 1, 2017 to October 10, 2017
Artcirq's latest project Makkuktut Tuusavisii led by Guillaume Saladin, Terence Uyarak, Patrick Léonard and accompanied by Celina Kalluk and Gisle Henriet made its impact in the communities of Arviat and Rankin Inlet in early October. With the aim to instagate an artistic movement of... read more.
September 29, 2017 to September 30, 2017
Guillaume Saladin and Terence Uyarak represented Artcirq and hosted the evening performance at Aakuluk's Nunavut Music Summit. The event gathered Inuktitut musicians from across Nunavut including IVA, Riit, Northern Haze and The Trade-Offs along with representatives of The Toronto Star,... read more.
September 3, 2017
Fresh out of High School, Levy Tapatsiak has been diligently attending workshops and wowing the Artcirq team with his natural talent in theatre and circus. He is now a coordinator apprentice at the Black Box, learning from Igloolik’s best how to uplift the community through meaningful actions.