Terry Uyarak performs ''Aniqsaatuinnarit'' on Canada Day 2021

July 1, 2021

'' I am here today in Ottawa, ready for a show tomorrow that is normally Canada day, I want to make it a reflection more so than a celebration. We are still here as indigenous people, we are a people far up north and as inuit. We knew these stories before but parents and families have now have a better closure in their life. I wanted in the first place to make this a way for me to see my mom that was fighting cancer here in Ottawa when I was asked in beginning of may to come, so I thought she would still be here but she didn’t make it, I ended up continuing so I still do it for her, and that I am there for my brothers and sister of indigenous communities that we will be here forever no matter who tries. I owe to my ancestors who kept on because it was the way they were taught too. We will be there for our beliefs and our culture. I love you all. Please wear orange to remember those times in residential school and I received qalipaaq atigi from dear #arnainnuk designs one and only Emily Joanasie Qujannamiik!! #orange #Inuit #July1st '' - Terry Uyarak

You can view Terry, Charlotte and Artcirq's performance : https://ici.tou.tv/lumieres-sur-la-fete-du-canada/S01E01?lectureauto=1 (timestamp 1:03:14)

Terry Uyarak

Charlotte Qamaniq

Andrew Morisson 



Alex Arnatsiaq

Guillaume Saladin

Gisle Henriet